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Chemical Technology

Are you interested in hands-on learning and working in a laboratory environment?

How diverse is the Chemical Technology program? Train to work as an analytical technician for multiple industries including pharmaceutical, environmental, forensics, food/beverage, quality control, cosmetics, chemical production, or research and development. In just five semesters, you are qualified to work for local laboratories or major Fortune 500 companies across the nation.

Students can also use the degree to propel themselves into a four-year college or university where they will enter as juniors in a B.S. Chemistry program. Many students will choose this alternative in comparison to traditional transfer chemistry courses. A two-year chemical technology degree qualifies an individual to work in a laboratory setting whereas two years of courses in a traditional B.S. curriculum do not provide this opportunity.

Coursework includes general chemistry, organic chemistry, qualitative and quantitative analysis, instrumental chemistry including techniques focusing on spectroscopy (UV-VIS, IR, AA, MS, NMR) and chromatography (GC, HPLC, TLC, SEC, IC). Students are also trained in computerized data collection, analysis, and graphical presentation.

Graduates should qualify as entry-level chemical laboratory technicians or chemists. Their duties may include chemical solution preparation, raw material, product, or environmental sampling, and/or sample testing via wet chemistry or instrumental techniques.

The Chemical Technology program at Cape Fear Community College is a two-year (five-semester) program that leads to an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S) degree. Graduates have always enjoyed a high rate of employment in the laboratories of companies involved in chemical production, pharmaceutical production and testing, food additive production and testing, and environmental monitoring.

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Curriculum Information

Chemical Technology, A.A.S. (A20120)
Chemical Technology Diploma (D20120)
Chemical Technology CCP (C20120CP) for High School Students

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