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Teach with Us

Build your community. Earn extra income. Share your passion.

We are always looking for new talent and new ideas for classes. For arts and crafts classes we generally require that you have at least five years experience in the medium/craft, and we prefer that you have experience teaching. For certification courses, various educational requirements are also required, depending on the subject area.

Prior to teaching at CFCC, Community Enrichment instructors are expected to:

  • Submit a resume or work history
  • Meet with Community Enrichment Staff for a brief interview
  • Provide a course description and outline/syllabus
  • Complete an online employment application
  • Attend brief orientation sessions with the Human Resources and Continuing Education departments

CFCC Community Enrichment strives to always provide quality, state-of-the-art education to our students. Instructors are regularly observed and evaluated by Community Enrichment staff and students.

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