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Working mom finds success through English classes at CFCC

This working mom of three finds success and independence through English as a Second Language Classes at Cape Fear Community College.

Humberta Cruz-Gonzalez

Humberta Cruz-Gonzales, baker and mom of three, immigrated to the United States from Mexico 16 years ago. She picked up bits of English from radio and television, but just enough to get by.

She later realized her limited English was standing in the way of important communication with health care professionals and interfering with her efforts to help her children with their homework. She knew she needed to learn English to reach her future goals and manage family tasks.

Cruz-Gonzales discovered and enrolled in English as a Second Language (ESL) courses at Cape Fear Community College. The online and flexible course format allowed her to continue working full-time and be present for her young children. As an ESL student, she is already seeing the benefits of improving her English skills.

She no longer needs an interpreter when she visits the doctor, and she feels more independent. In the past, Cruz-Gonzalez felt uncomfortable discussing personal matters through a translator. “I don’t like to tell everybody about my personal life,” she said. Now, she doesn’t have to – she can communicate directly with her doctors.

Moreover, Cruz-Gonzales can now discuss her children’s education directly with their teachers without an interpreter present. Her enhanced English skills have made it possible for her to help her children with homework and be more active at their school.

Her commitment to learning English and her involvement with the school prompted an appointment to Vice President of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at her children’s school.

Lori Kirkpatrick, Cruz-Gonzalez’s English as a Second Language instructor, is proud of her achievements and is not surprised to hear of Cruz-Gonzalez’s leadership position at her children’s school.

“Humberta is a gem. She has a strong work ethic and meets obstacles with a positive mindset,” shares Kirkpatrick. “She is always helpful to the other students and puts her best foot forward in class. Not only does she work hard for her family, but it isn’t unusual for her to cook meals for a sick friend, share treats with classmates, or send flowers for a birthday.”

Cruz-Gonzales works at Front Street Brewery. She loves her job and wants to expand her career. She also enjoys working with children and would love to work part-time in the school system. Learning to speak, read, and write English, will undoubtedly help her achieve this dream.

Cruz-Gonzales is excited about her future. Her children are proud of their mom for learning English.

Are you looking to make a change in your life like Humberta Cruz-Gonzales? Learn more about the English as a Second Language course at CFCC today.

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