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CFCC detention officer graduates exceed state standards

CFCC Celebrates Eighteen Detention Officer Graduates from Five NC Counties

DOCC Graduation 2022

WILMINGTON, NC — Cape Fear Community College celebrated the graduation of eighteen Detention Officer Certification Course (DOCC) students on Friday, July 1, 2022. The students from five counties throughout North Carolina participated in the five-week course and passed the state exam.

Offered to detention officers from across the region, the state-mandated course load requires 174 hours of instruction, but these students completed 196 hours of instruction. Extra hours were built to account for subject control techniques, contraband searches, a mock trial for the investigative process, and extra time for review sessions.

“This training is essential to ensure the safety and security of those working in detention facilities and those confined,” said CFCC Director of Law Enforcement Programs Tim Fuss.

Congratulations to DOCC graduates from the following facilities:

  • Brunswick County Detention Facility
  • Davidson County Detention Facility
  • Onslow County Detention Facility
  • New Hanover County Detention Facility
  • Sampson County Detention Facility

“Detention Officers are unsung heroes who play a vital role in keeping our communities safe,” said CFCC President Jim Morton. “We proudly offer this essential training for detention officers across the state.”

Law Enforcement Training Schedule

Graduates: Brunswick County – A. Carter, C. Hurlburt, A. Jones, J. Kennedy. Davidson County – A. Bryant, A. Howard. New Hanover County – K. Augst, M. Avila, B. Bolden, D. Caffrey, J. Handy, X. James, D. Marbury, M. Miller, J. Nunalee. Onslow County – J. Carr. Sampson County – B. Bertolani

Leadership Award: D. Marbury

Highest Class Average: B. Bertolani

Highest State Exam: A. Carter

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