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Pathway Home 2 Grant

The U.S. Department of Labor awarded CFCC a $3.9 million Pathway Home 2 Grant. This grant is 100% funded through the US Department of Labor. This grant connects people transitioning from prison or jail to job training and support services in an effort to reduce recidivism and improve employment outcomes for people reentering after incarceration. This grant is in partnership with LINC, Inc. who has specialized in helping people transition for over 20 years.

Grant highlights

  • Serves 400 people returning to New Hanover and Pender Counties
  • Provides case managers that meet with participants before and after incarceration to ensure training and employment.
  • Provides connections to healthcare and peer support specialists.
  • Connects participants with community college training and financial assistance.
  • Connects participants with jobs.
  • Provides financial incentives to participants for training, jobs, and keeping a job.
  • Provides stipends for housing and transportation.

Information for Participants

Will you be transitioning from jail or prison in the next six months? Find out how you can train for a career and receive job placement, housing, medical, and support services.

Join the Pathway Home 2 Grant

Apply Today

For participant information, contact us at ph2@cfcc.edu or 1-855-264-0484 .

Information for Employers

Does your company or organization need workers with skills? Find out how you can join the employers participating in the Pathway Home 2 Grant.

Join Participating Employers

For employer information, contact us at ph2@cfcc.edu or 910-362-7852 .

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US Department of Labor

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