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Cosmetology Clinic

The Cape Fear Community College Cosmetology program offers salon services.

How it Works

Each cosmetology student will be assigned a service based on a rotation system for all walk-in services. Walk-ins will be seen in order of their arrival. We use professional products. We do not use any outside products the clients bring in.

Some chemical services may require a client to be screened prior to a service and some may be asked to return in 24 hours.

Checks can only be written by CFCC faculty and staff.

Salon Services

Chemical Services
Service Price
Permanent Wave $12.00 & up
Soft Curl $15.00
Chemical Relaxer “Virgin” $30.00
Chemical Relaxer “Retouch” $10.00
Hair Color Services

(Haircut and basic style included)

Service Price
Semi-Perm Color $10.00
Permanent Color “Virgin” $30.00
Permanent Color “Retouch” $15.00
Permanent Color with Partial Highlights $25.00
Semi Color with Chemical Service Extra $5.00
Frosting with Cap $25.00
Highlights (Partial Head) with Foils $20.00
Highlights (Full Head) with Foils $35.00
Hi-Lights/Low-Lights $35.00
Ombre $35.00
Basic Hair Services
Service Price
Men’s Haircut $5.00
Shampoo, Haircut, Basic Style $5.00
Edge-Up or Line Cut $3.00
Shampoo, Roller Set or Wrap $5.00
Shampoo with Marcel $5.00
Fingerwaves/Scrunches $12.00
Specialty Styles

Hair weaving and hair extensions are not offered to the public due to cost and time.

Service Price
Rolls/French Twists $10.00
Up-do or Bridal hair Style $12.00 & up
Spiral Roller Set on Rollers $10.00 & up
Spiral Roller Set Perm Rods $15.00
Spiral Roller Set Flexi-Rods $15.00
Corn Rows/Partial $20.00
Partial Flat Twist w/ Roller Set $12.00
Flat Twist with Flexi-Rod Roller Set $12.00
Flat Twist with Spiral-Rod Set $15.00
Manicure $5.00
Pedicure $15.00
Facial $5.00
Facial Waxing per Area $3.00
Arching with Tweezers $3.00
Brow Tint $3.00
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