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Greg Arey

Instructor, Political Science Department: Social and Behavioral Sciences/Political Science Galehouse Building (A) 311-D
Wilmington Campus
910-362-7274 garey@cfcc.edu
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I was the Chair of the Social Sciences at Cape Fear Community College for four years and have more than twenty years of college teaching experience. I have taught American Government, State and Local Government, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Introduction to Political Theory, Introduction to Political Science, U.S. History, Western Civilizations, and World Civilizations at Cape Fear Community College. For five years I taught American Government, State and Local Government, International Relations, and U.S. History at Thomas Nelson Community College in Virginia. For four years I also taught Virginia Politics, International Relations, American Government, Latin American History, and East Asian History at Old Dominion University. I guest lectured on the Origins of the Organization of American States (OAS) at Christopher Newport University in Virginia. I taught Latin American Politics and Comparative Politics as an adjunct professor at Jacksonville University in Florida. I taught Church History as an adjunct professor at Luther Rice Seminary in Florida. I also worked as the Education Coordinator at the General Douglas MacArthur and served in the U.S. Navy.

I wrote a dissertation entitled The Carter Center in Central America and the Caribbean which examined the NGO characteristics of the Carter Center and analyzes the Carter Center’s election monitoring efforts in Panama, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. I have conducted the majority of my research on Latin America, President Carter’s Administration, and the Carter Center’s action in Latin America. I presented research papers entitled The Carter Administration’s Policies in Latin America: A Search for Consistency, Ideational Power in Action: The Carter Center in Central America, and The Carter Center in the Dominican Republic at various regional conferences. I have presented research papers on economic development, political culture, and the military coup d’etat process in Latin America including research papers entitled Economic Reform in Chile and Mexico, Personalismo in Costa Rica and Panama, and An Examination of the Military Coup d’etat process in the Southern Cone of South America at various regional conferences. I also have research interest in political theory and developed the Introduction to Political Theory course for the community colleges in North Carolina.


  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Political Science, University of South Alabama
  • Master of Arts (M.A.), Political Science, Marshall University
  • Ph. D. Candidate (ABD), International Studies, Old Dominion University
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