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Fire Alarm Systems Technology: A Self-Paced Online Apprenticeship Program with Career Benefits and Life-Saving Potential


Recent CFCC Fire Alarms Systems Technology Graduates following NICET exam in Denver, Colorado.

Are you seeking a rewarding career combining electrical theory and workmanship, code compliance, installation, and design? Do you need a flexible, online, self-paced program? Consider a career in Fire Alarms Systems Technology.

Oh, and did we mention that you could save lives?

Fire Alarms Systems Technicians serve an important need to help protect the lives of occupants in commercial buildings and multi-family dwellings and help reduce losses due to fire or false alarms. Fire Alarm technicians design, install, service, and inspect fire alarm and voice evacuation systems.

CFCC’s Fire Alarm Systems Training (FAST) program launched in May 2012. In January 2022, the program evolved into two and four-year apprenticeship programs. Fire Alarms Systems Training and Apprenticeship Programs (FASTAP) start at any time during the year at the company’s request. Regular classes start the first Monday in January, May, and September.

Graduates of the program are ready to sit for the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage is $50,210. Jobs are available in many industries such as facilities support services, building construction, and architectural and engineering firms.

CFCC’s program is completely online. Scholarship money is available!

Read what some of our recent graduates had to say about CFCC’s Fire Alarm Systems Training and Apprenticeship program.

What Our Graduates Have to Say

“CFCC has contributed to my career in numerous ways. Special shout out to my instructors Paul and Jason for helping me achieve a goal that I’ve been working on for an entire year. They have provided me with all of the knowledge necessary to make it come true. It feels like yesterday I was just beginning class and now today a year and both NICET certifications later, I’m just as excited to continue growing! “ – Nate Henke

“A career in safety has been a goal of mine for some time. The first year of CFCC was exactly what I needed to better prepare myself for the Level 1 NICET exams. Everything I was learning directly correlated not only with my progression through NFPA 72 but with my on-the-job training.” – Matt Mittell

“My experience with Cape Fear has been great. Remote learning at my own pace gives me the opportunity to work full-time in the field. I decided to pursue this career because of my love for electronics and the fieldwork.” – Damien O’Rourke

“CFCC has been integral in building my knowledge and preparing me for taking the NICET exams. Being in the field is very important, but understanding the books is the other half of becoming a successful technician.” – Jason Frith

“The coursework of this program has really helped me with what I’m doing in the field. And as we move along the lessons get more challenging and fun at the same time. CFCC helped me prepare for my NICET exam.” – David Wenzler

Fire Alarm Systems Training

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