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CFCC establishes Carol Lemley Montgomery Endowed Scholarship

Two people holding giant check Wilmington, NC – Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) is excited to announce the establishment of the Carol Lemley Montgomery Endowed Scholarship. The scholarship was made possible through the generous contribution of Retired Lt. Colonel Gilbert “Mac” Montgomery and 80 of his friends and family to honor his late wife, Dr. Carol L. Montgomery. The scholarship has been established with the intention of assisting students who face financial barriers in their pursuit of academic growth.

Dr. Carol Montgomery was beloved by many. She was a pilot, avid volunteer, travel enthusiast, and ambassador for our United States military. As a lifelong student and educator, Dr. Montgomery deeply believed in the equity, fairness, and accessibility of education.

“Establishing scholarships and providing funding for students ensures we can grow as a community,” said Mac. “The investment we make in students’ education will live long beyond those that give, and supporting students at community colleges will benefit everyone they come in contact with and our entire community. I attended a community college and am proud to have worked at a community college in North Carolina. I am committed to ensuring those opportunities are available to all future students.”

One of the distinctive features of the Carol Lemley Montgomery Endowed Scholarship is its inclusivity, allowing students from all areas of study to apply. Whether aspiring to enter the fields of healthcare, technology, business, or the arts, eligible students can apply for this scholarship and receive the necessary financial support to succeed in their educational journey.

“We believe that education should be a pathway accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstances,” said Jim Morton, CFCC President. “The Carol Lemley Montgomery Endowed Scholarship embodies our commitment to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to pursue an education and find a career path.”

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