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From CFCC to CDC: Wilmington Native Cutter Wyatt’s Journey to Educate and Serve Public Health

Cutter Wyatt

Wilmington native Cutter Wyatt always planned on a career that helped and educated people. But he wasn’t sure exactly which path to follow. While planning his next step, he enrolled at CFCC to earn his transferable associate degree.

Staying Local, Keeping Costs Low

Living in Wilmington was one of the factors that brought Wyatt to CFCC. He wasn’t ready to go away to college. Attending CFCC allowed him to live at home while he decided on his career path and earn transferable college credits toward his 4-year degree.

Another significant factor was the cost of school. Wyatt and his four siblings were raised by his single mother. He knew he wanted to pursue higher education but did not want to burden his family or himself with student debt.

Affordability, transferability, and proximity made CFCC the perfect choice.

A Dose of Good Advice

While a student at CFCC, Wyatt was still exploring options to continue his educational journey. But he had no idea how to transfer.

Wyatt made an appointment with the Academic Advising Center. He explained to his advisor that he did not know how to apply to school, get money, or live at a university away from home.

He recalls telling his advisor.

“I told my advisor that I’m almost done here at CFCC, and I have no idea how to do any of this,” shared Wyatt. “I told them where I wanted to go, and they broke it down, made a road map for me, and walked me through the process of applying to a 4-year university.”

That conversation with advising had a significant impact on Wyatt. He noted that without having that personal guidance and mentoring, he may have struggled to make the next move.

“I encourage all students to take advantage of this free resource,” Wyatt commented. “It was nice to know that I could talk to somebody at the school about my future. My advisor was there to help me get it all done.”

A Spoonful of Sweet Success

After graduating from CFCC, Wyatt transferred to Appalachian State, then to NC State, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in social work. He then pursued a master’s degree at UNC in Public Health. Now he is employed by the CDC Foundation and works with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Overdose Prevention Team as an evaluation data communicator.

At his job, Wyatt gathers and communicates information from grant-funded programs across the state that address the health issues of individuals with substance use disorders. He is proud of his career because the information he collects helps assess efforts to reduce drug overdoses and the spread of diseases in North Carolina.

He believes that CFCC put him on the right path to achieving this career goal.

“I credit the pace and environment at CFCC for my academic success,” Wyatt concludes. ”And I appreciate the positive cliche about community college. The size of classes, the connection students make with their instructors, and the diversity of the students contribute to the exceptional education I experienced at CFCC.”

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