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Funds Available to Students Who Enroll this Fall at CFCC

Students enrolled in curriculum programs and select Economic and Workforce Development Programs may be eligible to receive funding.

Wilmington, NC — Cape Fear Community College will distribute federal Higher Education Emergency Relief Funding (HEERF) to many students enrolled in classes this fall at CFCC.

Students will receive direct payments to help offset the cost of equipment, books, technology, transportation, child care, or any other need. Funds will be awarded in addition to any state or federal financial aid for which the student is eligible. Students do not have to qualify for federal financial aid to receive this funding.

“This is a can’t-miss opportunity for anyone looking to further their education or train for a career,” said CFCC President Jim Morton. “Students have access to this funding on top of other aid they may receive. There has truly never been a better time to go to college or train for a job.”

Curriculum students enrolled this fall will receive the funding after September 30, 2021. Students will receive $250 or $750 based on their program of study. No separate application for this grant funding is necessary.

“Funds are also available for students taking eligible short-term training classes,” said Morton. “If you come to CFCC to earn a qualifying short-term credential, you’ll receive funding when you become a student and complete 10% of your classes. The amount students receive will be based on their program of study. A few exclusions apply, but grant funding will benefit most of our students this fall.”

“This is a tremendous benefit to CFCC students,” said Morton. “The funds can be used for childcare, tuition, and housing — any way that assists students as they pursue their education.”

In addition, CFCC has received Long Leaf Commitment Grant funding, which will help cover tuition and fees for 2021 North Carolina high school graduates.

“There has never been a better time to be a Sea Devil,” said Morton. “The financial benefits this year are incredible. We are excited about the educational opportunities this grant will create for students throughout our community.”

CFCC has a variety of resources to answer questions about the financial assistance programs available to students this fall. To get started at CFCC, schedule a one-on-one virtual appointment at https://cfcc.edu/go or call 910-362-7000 .

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