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Leave Policies

All full-time employees earn 8 hours of sick leave per month.

Staff earn vacation (annual) leave based on years of total state service.

Faculty are allowed three personal days (faculty leave) per fiscal year, and it does not accumulate.

Total Years of State Service Hours Granted Each Month Days Granted Each Year
0 but less than 5 9.34 14
5 but less than 10 11.34 17
10 but less than 15 13.34 20
15 but less than 20 15.34 23
20 or more 17.34 26

Non-exempt employees earn compensatory (comp) time at the rate of 1.5 hours for each hour worked beyond the regularly assigned 40 weekly work hours and 2 hours on weekends or holidays.

To view your current leave balances, please log in to TimeClock Plus via your myCFCC portal. If you need assistance, please contact Human Resources at 910-362-7312 .

For detailed leave earning and usage policies, as well as information on other types of leave such as school, educational, civil, military, and voluntary shared leave, please reference Section 5.9 of the Handbook.  

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