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Workers’ Compensation

Injured while at work? Contact your supervisor immediately. For emergency situations, call 911.

Preferred Providers

Medac Urgent Care
4402 Shipyard Blvd. Wilmington, NC 28403

Medac Urgent Care (Porter’s Neck)
8115 Market St. Suite 100, Wilmington, NC 28411

If Medac Urgent Care is not open, or for emergency situations, seek treatment at the nearest medical facility.


  1. Report the injury/accident to the Worker’s Compensation Administrator by contacting 910-362-7864 . If you require immediate assistance and are unable to reach the WCA, please contact Human Resources at 910-362-7312 .
  2. Complete the Supervisor Checklist
  3. Forms
    1. Injury Data Collection Form
    2. Supervisor Incident Investigation Report
    3. Employee Incident Report
    4. Witness Incident Report
    5. Vehicle Accident Report
    6. Letter to Treating Physician
    7. Work-Related Injury – Illness – Return to Work Report
    8. Refusal of Treatment


  1. Report the injury/accident to your supervisor immediately
  2. Complete the Employee Checklist
  3. Forms:
    1. Employee Incident Report
    2. Work-Related Injury – Illness – Return to Work Report
    3. Letter to Treating Physician


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