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Educational Leave

Policy Statement

Cape Fear Community College supports employees who wish to take educational leave.


A full-time employee may be granted permission to take educational leave with pay under the provision of the State Board of Community Colleges. Educational leave as defined in this regulation refers to release from the employee’s normal duties or assigned responsibilities. State funds may be used to pay salaries of personnel while on educational leave provided all of the following conditions are met:

1. Employees desiring educational leave should submit a request in writing to the appropriate senior level administrator who in turn will evaluate such requests for recommendation to the President. Only the President and the Trustees of the College can approve the educational leave requested.

2. The employee is a regular full-time employee who is employed on a nine, ten, eleven, or twelve-month basis and is under contract for the year following the educational leave. Generally, the employee must have completed five years of employment with the College to be eligible for such leave. Exceptions to the five- year prerequisite may be recommended by the President when it is in the best interest of the College to do so. An employee must have completed five additional years of employment to be eligible for subsequent educational leave.

3. Educational leave is contingent upon availability of other personnel to cover the employee’s duties.

4. The educational leave with pay will not exceed a period of one semester per calendar year.

5. The studies engaged in during such educational leave are directly related to improving the competence of the employee.

6. In the event the employee fails to complete the employment contract for the year following educational leave, the employee will REFUND to the College all salary paid by the College during the period of the educational leave, or prorated amount if the employee fulfills a portion of the contract.

7. Administrative personnel taking educational leave must do so at the convenience of the College and their particular job responsibilities. Usually no more than three (3) members of the instructional staff will be granted educational leave in any one semester.

8. Professional development funds to cover tuition or books will not be granted for use while an employee is on educational leave.

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