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Flower Fund

Policy Statement

Cape Fear Community College has created a special fund for payment of flowers.


A special fund has been set aside from the Vending Fund for payment of flowers upon the death of any full-time employee, current Trustee, and the following members of his/her family: spouse, child, parent, brother or sister, including step and in-law relationships. Flowers may also be sent to the funeral of a retired employee or past Board member. In lieu of flowers, a memorial contribution may be made to a charity or to the CFCC Foundation or scholarship fund of choice. Cards may be sent to retired employees, past Board members or part-time employees at the death of an immediate family member.

Flowers will be sent to the hospital for ill employees and Board members only after confinement exceeds three consecutive days. The Human Resources office has the responsibility, when made aware of death or sickness, to send flowers, cards, or memorial contributions as appropriate.

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