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Reduction in Force

Policy Statement

Cape Fear Community College strives to provide a secure and stable work environment. In certain circumstances, a reduction in force may be necessary due to budget constraints, program changes, reorganization, and other operational demands. This policy outlines the College’s reduction in force procedure.


The Reduction in Force Policy of Cape Fear Community College is designed for the termination of employment during a fiscal year pursuant to a written agreement due to a lack of sufficient funding or enrollment to merit continuation of courses, programs, and/or services. Reduction in Force provisions do not apply to non-reappointment following the expiration of a contract period. All decisions made under this policy will take into consideration the needs of the population being served with respect to the mission and goals of the College while attempting to minimize the negative impact on the level and quality of services provided. Primary responsibility for recommending separations due to a reduction in force will rest with the senior level administrators whose decisions will be based on recommendations from supervisors and other management personnel associated with the department where reductions will be made.

An employee who is to be terminated through a reduction in force will be informed in person by his/her immediate supervisor and will be informed in writing by the President. Maximum notice will be given to an employee, whenever possible; under no circumstances will a notice be given less than thirty days prior to separation. The letter from the President will state the conditions, which determine the separation, a general description of the procedures followed in making the decision, and the right to appeal by the employee. An employee who wishes to appeal his/her separation from employment resulting from reduction in force may do so beginning at Step 3 of the Grievance Procedure Section of the College’s Discipline, Non-Reappointment, and Grievance Procedure. In the event the matter is not satisfactorily resolved to the employee’s satisfaction, the employee may appeal the matter to the Administrative and Personnel Committee of the Board of Trustees of Cape Fear Community College. The decision of the Administrative and Personnel Committee is final.

An employee who is separated through a reduction in force will be given priority consideration for re-employment during the next twelve months assuming he/she meets the requisite performance standards and qualifications for the position to be filled. He/she will receive all copies of position vacancies during this period.

An employee who is to be separated through a reduction in force may choose a twelve month leave of absence without pay in lieu of separation in order to continue group insurance benefits (to be paid in full by the employee). Choosing a leave of absence does not extend the time or alter the conditions under which priority for re-employment is provided.

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