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Salary Increases


The President approves salary increases for all college personnel. These decisions are based on how the salary increase funds are allocated by the North Carolina General Assembly, availability of additional funding, and supervisor recommendations based on job evaluations. The North Carolina General Assembly mandates salary increase distribution in the following ways:


This requires all regular full-time, regular part-time and temporary full-time employees to receive the mandated percentage or lump sum increase unless the General Assembly gives authorization to withhold increases due to poor performance evaluation. Occasionally, the instructional personnel percentage varies from the non- instructional percentage. Part-time employees may receive similar increases.

Average across-the-board:

The salary increases given equals the average percentage. This gives the College flexibility to give some employees a higher raise than others. The salary adjustments are based on the employee’s job performance. In-lieu-of-merit percentage: This is usually an additional percentage above the mandated across-the board percentage. The in-lieu-of-merit increase gives the College the flexibility to give employees a higher increase based on job performance. Supervisor recommendations for salary changes are based on job evaluations.

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