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Secondary Employment

Policy Statement

Any other employment in which full-time employees engage in is secondary to the employment responsibilities of Cape Fear Community College.


All secondary employment for the President must be approved in advance by the Board of Trustees.

Full-time employees of the College are expected to devote the time, energy, and efforts to their full-time employment with the College that is necessary to fulfill the terms of their contract. All secondary positions within CFCC or outside employment must not conflict nor interfere with his/her full time College duties, responsibilities, or schedules. Any full-time employee who engages in work for pay outside the College must submit a request that includes all outside employment through his/her supervisors who will make a recommendation to the President.

The request must state the actual hours per week or month and be approved by the President or President’s designee prior to the employee engaging in such employment. Employees must use the Secondary Employment Request Form available on the Intranet, Human Resources Department page. Faculty must submit a current schedule with request and staff may not have outside employment of any kind within normal business hours. No institutional personnel, supplies, facilities or equipment are to be utilized in conjunction with secondary employment. Failure to submit a secondary employment request may result in disciplinary action, including and up to termination.

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