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Mental Health

Experience the power of making a positive impact in the lives of individuals facing mental health challenges through the transformative Human Services Technology/Mental Health program.

The Human Services Technology/Mental Health concentration prepares students for job opportunities in the mental health field. The curriculum enables students to understand culturally and emotionally handicapped, developmentally disabled, or addicted clients through a variety of models and diagnoses.

Course work includes a history of the mental health movement, current developments and future trends, and theoretical models affecting individual development and behavior in a diverse client population. Fieldwork experiences provide opportunities for application of knowledge in agency and institutional settings.

Graduates should qualify for employment in mental health treatment centers serving a diverse multicultural client population in public and private settings. Graduates will work with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities in providing a therapeutic arena of care.

Admissions Process

Please Note: This program is not selective admission, however, due to the professional scope of practice/state certification you are pursuing; we require that students complete an interview/fit for duty self-assessment with the program director. The program admissions interview/fit for duty self-assessment is required prior to enrollment in curriculum classes.

Start the Self-Assessment

Program Learning Objectives

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) task analysis list .
  • Effectively articulate behaviors and environmental factors using observable and measurable terms.
  • Proficiently assist in conducting functional assessment procedures.
  • Skillfully implement discrete-trial teaching procedures.

Quick Information

Information Sessions
This information session will be held in the L Building, Room 317. The session can also be accessed virtually via the links below.

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Mental Health Course Information
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