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Policies and Procedures

What We Do

  • Social media marketing
  • Public relations
  • Photography
  • Events and event planning
  • Graphic design
  • Printing
  • Video production
  • Commercial production

How to Request New and Update Existing Materials

These forms can be found at cfcc.edu/marketing .

Website + Print Materials

Program directors, directors, and deans are responsible for keeping their program/department-specific materials up-to-date by informing Community Relations of any changes. Please audit your collateral each semester and notify us of any updates.

Campus Signage

The buildings across campus demonstrate CFCC’s commitment to providing faculty, staff, students, and the community with an attractive and well-manicured collegiate setting. Maintaining this environment is a priority. To keep our campus looking polished and prevent damage to building walls and surfaces, CFCC asks faculty, staff, and students to adhere to the following guidelines for signage on the campus.

Creating Signage

We know that individuals want to create posters and signs for clubs and events. We strongly encourage you to use the templates we’ve provided. If there is a need to make your sign or poster, please consult CFCC’s Graphic Identity and Style Guide to access logos and ensure you comply with our brand. Items created outside Community Relations will need approval before displaying. For items that don’t require graphic design and printing services, please send your signage to be approved by Tammy McKenzie at tmckenzie@cfcc.edu . Please note: If you require design or printing services, a K-box ticket must be submitted.

Ready to print? Make sure you include the details: If you are sharing meeting or event information, you must provide the date, time, and location along with contact information. Posters lacking this information will be removed.

Submitting Your Print Ticket via KBox Ticket System
  • For 11×17 and 8.5×11 posters/flyers allow five business day turnaround
  • For items that require finishing such as folding, resizing, etc., allow for ten business day turnaround
  • At certain times of the year, turnaround times may be longer — you will be notified when this happens
  • Please only come to the print shop when you are notified that your order is complete. You will receive an email through the Kbox ticketing system
Displaying Signage

Community Relations is working on a bulletin board solution for buildings across campus locations. In the meantime, please adhere to the following guidelines.

Please consider cost-effective, sustainable alternatives to temporary printed signage. All faculty and staff have access to the Marketing & Media Request Form where they can request Community Relations to provide promotional resources such as:

  • Posters and flyers may be placed on tables in lobbies, student lounge areas, and in the PCJ cafe sitting areas. There are bulletin boards in many campus buildings that also may be used for display
  • Social media posts on approved official CFCC accounts
  • Employee newsletter inclusion (sent bi-weekly by the Community Relations team)
  • Student newsletter inclusion (sent bi-weekly by the Community Relations team)
  • Campus-wide digital screens


  • No posters in elevators except those put up by Community Relations or the Student Life Coordinator. This includes posters for clubs and classes.
  • No posters on columns in buildings.
  • No posters on glass windows/walls.
  • No posters on doors.
  • No posters on walls/drywall – it damages the walls.
  • No visible tape stuck to walls.

*Noncompliant signage is subject to removal.

Branded Giveaways

Please contact our vendor directly if you need apparel or giveaways for an event or general use. Promotional giveaway items with CFCC branding must first be approved by Tammy McKenzie, director of publications and brand management. Tammy may be reached at tmckenzie@cfcc.edu . Please allow for four weeks for delivery unless notified otherwise. The department placing the order is also responsible for purchasing the apparel.

If you need something custom artwork for your giveaway order, please complete a K-box request .

TNT Ad Specialties • Vickie Stanley, Sales Executive
919-436-1836 | Office
919-971-8995 | Mobile

Event/Room Scheduling Policies and Procedures

Request Event on Ad Astra
  • To schedule a room for an academic class, go through Colleague.
  • To schedule a room for a meeting or event, go to the Intranet, select Rooms in the blue bar, then Room Request Form. You can also log into myCFCC, click on the Employees Only link, and select Astra Schedule. This will take you to Ad Astra.
  • Complete and submit the form on Ad Astra to request to utilize campus space for an upcoming event. The requested event date must be two or more days in the future.

After submitting the form, an Event Coordinator will review your request and respond as soon as possible. Use the following link for a detailed guide on how to submit an event request: How to Request an Event

Use the Scheduling Grid on Ad Astra
  • The scheduling grid on Ad Astra allows you to quickly find available rooms or resources.
  • Shaded cells on the grids are color-coded to indicate activity type and room usage information.
  • Use the link for a detailed guide on how to use the scheduling grid
  • Scheduling Grid Color Code
    • Pending Events = Red
    • Requested Event = Pink
    • Requested Section = Orange
    • Scheduled Event = Green

For an event internal to the College : (Intranet> Internal Event Checklist )

Internal Event Checklist
  1. Obtain permission for your event from your vice president.
  2. Schedule event: Intranet>Rooms>Room Request Form (Requesting does not guarantee the space; you will receive a confirmation of your request when approved)
  3. Have alternate date/space in mind: check for conflicts with other meetings or large events – Board meetings, Commencement, In-Service, Pinning ceremonies, Open House, etc.
  4. Talk with CFCC Events Coordinator concerning space, conflicts, possibilities, ideas. (X7488).
  5. Define target audience and develop a plan for how to get them on campus; consult with Community Relations.
  6. Need Marketing help? Social media, advertising, a press release, printed material, signs, etc. Contact the Community Relations department (X7893) to discuss marketing needs, printed materials, or giveaways at least 3 weeks in advance. Your department budget may be affected for marketing materials.
  7. Fundraising: all fundraising efforts must go through the CFCC Foundation (X7866).
  8. Consider who this event affects outside your department. Who needs to know about it?
  9. Sponsorships (an agreement between CFCC and a recognized student organization, College department, or external entity in exchange for some form of exposure, advertising, or funds). A sponsored/co-sponsored event requires a significant and logical relationship that is compatible with the educational and community service mission of CFCC. All sponsor solicitation efforts and sponsorship opportunities must first be cleared through Community Relations. Sponsorships can affect your department budget. Do not agree to any sponsorship without first discussing with Community Relations.
  10. Collaboration/Partnerships (Collaboration: where individuals work together for a common purpose to achieve a business benefit) (Partnership: two groups engaged together in the same activity). Collaboration/Partnerships can affect your department budget. Do not agree to any “collaboration” or “partnership” with any external group without first clearing through Community Relations.
  11. Photography: Contact Community Relations to schedule a photographer. Event photography after hours or when unavailable from CR staff must be arranged through Community Relations and will pose an expense to the presenting department. (X7893)
  12. Catering: contact the CFCC Events Coordinator. (X7488)
  13. Submit work order for Custodial Services at least 2 weeks ahead: date/time/location/# of people, so they can schedule personnel. my.CFCC.edu>Employees only>Custodial Request
  14. Submit work order to IT Help Desk at least 2 weeks ahead if you need IT or A/V help for an event. my.CFCC.edu>Launchpad>Helpdesk.
  15. Submit work order to Maintenance at least 2 weeks ahead if you need furniture moved or extra furniture. Inform them of desired setup AND breakdown times for an event. my.CFCC.edu>Intranet>Maintenance Request.
  16. Submit work order to Security at least 2 weeks ahead: to unlock doors and when, and to let them know you are in the space in case of emergency/evacuation. my.CFCC.edu>Launchpad>Helpdesk>View My Tickets>NewCFCC Security Requests.
  17. If food is being delivered, tell the Information Desk in Union Station where it should go. For food deliveries after hours, give your vendor specific directions on where to go (entry door/floor/room)
  18. Inform the Union Station Information desk about events, even if being held at North Campus.
  19. CFCC name/logo/photos: Discuss any use of the CFCC name, logo, or campus photos with Community Relations before agreeing to include the name, logo, or photos in anything outside of CFCC, or before publishing any printed or digital materials. CFCC has color, size, and branding regulations that must be adhered to. (X7893)
  20. Parking: Contact the Director of Safety and Training for parking needs. (X7279)
  21. Ensure any vendors have your contact information, especially for an after-hours event.
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