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Public Records Request Form

  • Effective 3/17/23, Cape Fear Community College ("CFCC") may charge a fee if, in the opinion of CFCC, the request will require an extensive use of information technology resources or personnel. CFCC considers more than four hours required to respond to a request, excluding separation of confidential and nonconfidential information, to be an extensive use of personnel. CFCC will charge a rate of $18.00 per hour for any time in excess of four hours required to respond to the request. Any person requesting public records considered to be an extraordinary request will be notified of the estimated costs for such request by the public records custodian prior to any production efforts beginning, and the requester will be allowed the option of agreeing to pay the charge or revising the request to narrow its nature or scope. Multiple requests in a short period of time (i.e., within a 7-day period) from the same individual or agency will be considered a single request for purposes of determining whether a special service charge will be assessed.
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