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CFCC Student Incident/Title IX Reporting Form

This Incident Reporting Form is not for Emergency Services. Please do not use this site to report events presenting an immediate threat to life, health, property, or the environment. If you have an emergency and/or require emergency assistance, please dial 911.

This form is designed to provide CFCC students, employees, or guests with an online method to report specific information related to an alleged incident(s), harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct, violation of the CFCC Code of Conduct, and/or file a complaint or grievance.

Due to the specific needs of this reporting form, you are asked to complete the entire form in order for the complaint/inquiry to be submitted. CFCC will use the information provided to begin an informal investigation, which may include contacting the complainant (reporting party), respondent (responding party), and/or any potential witnesses. However, if the report does not contain specific information needed, the College’s investigation and response may be limited due to insufficient information.

Prior to completing this form please review the Cape Fear Community College Code of Conduct Policies and Procedures in the student handbook on the CFCC website at cfcc.edu/catalog/ .

* If the person completing this form is the victim, you may choose to identify yourself, or not (anonymous), to ensure confidentiality. If you are a third-party complainant who is not the victim, please include the victim’s identifiable information, only if the victim wishes. Victims completing this form who provide personally identifiable information can expect the college to follow up with an appropriate investigation.

Background Information

Your Full Name
Your Physical Address
Time of Incident

Involved Parties

Please list the individuals involved (excluding yourself), including as many of the listed fields as you can provide. For non-students, please list the SSN or Drivers License number if available in the block labeled SID (Student ID #) if available.
MM slash DD slash YYYY


Did a Law Enforcement agency respond (i.e., NHC Sheriff Deputy, Wilmington Police Dept., and/or Campus Security)?(Required)

Supporting Documentation

Max. file size: 64 MB.
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