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Emergency Medical Responder

This program consists of one (1) course and 96 hours of instruction. The class provides prehospital assessment and care for patients of all ages with a variety of medical conditions and traumatic injuries. Primarily for policemen, firefighters, and lifeguards. Upon completion, students are eligible to sit for the North Carolina credentialing exam.

Program Location

Classes are held at our North Campus and/or online. Delivery mode is subject to change.

The Career Technical Education/Workforce Development Pathway (CTE/WCEP)

Tuition-free course hours that lead to technician education certificate, State, or Industry Recognized Credential aligned with a high school career cluster. Students are responsible for the following CFCC fees:

  • Parking & Security- $5.00
  • Technology Fee-$5.00

Eligibility & Admission Requirements

  • Be a high school junior or senior
  • 17 years of age on or before the official end date of the course.
  • Have a weighted GPA of 2.8 on high school courses or your principal’s approval
  • If GPA is lower than 2.8, assessment testing is required
  • For details on eligibility and admissions requirements, please speak to your high school career counselor

Application Process* for Public High School Students

*Home School & Private School Students, please contact us at criggs@cfcc.edu or 910-362-7512 .

Next Steps

Once you have completed your application process (see above*), please contact criggs@cfcc.edu to express your intent to enroll in the CTE/WCEP Emergency Medical Responder Pathway.

Registration Documentation Requirements

Once you have emailed, criggs@cfcc.edu to express intent to enroll in the CTE/WCEP Emergency Medical Responder Pathway, you will receive an email with additional registration instructions. Below outlines the required documentation required to complete your registration.

  • CTE WCEP Acceptance Letter
  • Copy of current High School Transcript must be provided
  • Other documentation may be required
Eligibility for Continued Enrollment in CCP (CTE/WCEP Pathway)

To maintain eligibility for continued enrollment, a student must:

  • Continue to make progress toward high school graduation.
  • Continue to make progress toward successful completion of the Workforce Continuing Education pathway as defined by the pathway syllabus.
  • A student who doesn’t meet these criteria will be subject to the college’s policy for unsatisfactory progress.
  • For more information about this CCP Pathway application process, available programs, enrollment, and eligibility, please visit your High School Career Counselor.
Emergency Medical Responder Expectations and Goals
  • Prerequisites and corequisites must be followed
  • Successful completion of all courses is required to receive a certificate

Required Materials & Supplies

Technology Requirements
  • Computer/laptop
Additional Information and Resources
Accessing CFCC online
  • It is required to use your MyCFCC and CFCC email
  • Once class begins, all email communications will be via CFCC email
Directions for setting up your account
  • Go to CFCC.edu
  • Click on “MyCFCC”
  • Click “First Time User”
  • Follow prompts provided
Accessing Blackboard
    Go to CFCC.edu
    Click on “MyCFCC”
    Log into “MYCFCC” (*account must be created, see above to create your account)
    Click on “My Classes/Blackboard”

For assistance with user name, passwords, or setting up your myCFCC, please contact the IT HelpDesk at 910-362-4357 or help@cfcc.edu .

Course Registration-Direct Link

  • Students and Instructors must wear face coverings and exercise social distancing at all times.
  • Students who are not complying with COVID policies will be asked to leave class and will be referred to student services before allowed to return to class.
  • Student Services: 910-362-7191
  • Students and Instructors who have tested positive or known-exposure can call the campus COVID hotline for direction on what to do: 910-362-7725
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