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She Called

Lawrence Dean aka “Life”, United States Marine Corp and She called… Blacks, Whites…wait. African American or Caucasian, I’m Asian, excuse me. I’m Vietnamese, Philippine, Korean, or Jamaican. I’m Haitian, Hispanic Y’all, please be patient. I’m Mexican, Puerto Rican, Venezuelan, Cuban, Dominican, Panamanian, Democrat I beg your pardon, you see I partied with the late, great  Read More

The Love Me Nots

By Benjamin Rednour, United States Army, United States Marine Corps A man fought a fight in a field of flowers, Though the flowers held the antidote to pain, Propagandist doctrine driving the machine, Yet all intentions were executed in vain, Chess pawn or puzzle piece I am forethought, The predisposition was never made clear, What  Read More

He is not Him

By Katrina Brittingham he is not him. when i look into his pearly eyes, hoping to get lost with comfort, i find nothing, no sense of the hymn i knew. his sandy hair is receding i search for memories of years prior, yet missing they seem to be. he is not him. he is not  Read More

Under Honorable Conditions…

Ryan C. Ayars, United States Navy As we lie to fake Dreams of black irises sing Angels dancing among death A rhythmic step, fear A vitreous passenger Casting mind shadows Trails of tiny web Floating in clouds Time and scribbled lines Forgotten familiar mirrors Of reflecting oppression Aggression, aggression

Behind A Smile

Corey Pomeroy, United States Army, United States Marine Corps I’m not depressed. I can still smile at pretty things, And laugh when jokes are funny. I can still talk to people, And enjoy nice days.   But when I go inside, When I am alone, There is something broken. And I fall into a sadness  Read More

That’s My Gun

Greg Givens, United States Marine Corps That’s my gun On permanent display my company, A co 2-504 PIR captured it 3rd platoon. My platoon it’s sitting in a museum forever and it’s there in a little corner with the story and a quote from my intelligence report I’m staggered still processing “frying bacon,” as my  Read More

Keep On

Sam Craig, United States Navy Music has always been a therapeutic companion that has seen me through life’s highs and lows: A friend to celebrate achievements and express joyous exuberance, as well as a sympathetic ear through setbacks; and the true trials and tribulations that all of us face eventually. Although learning lessons the hard  Read More

Bible Push’n Man, Untitled Poem

Bible Push’n Man Ryan Ayars, United States Navy And I said God damn, God damn, that bible push’n man. I smoked allota grass. And popped alotta pills. But ain’t never done nothing my spirit couldn’t kill. I walked among tombstones. With coppers on my eyes. But still used muddy waters to warsh away my lies.  Read More


Tom (TJ) Navickis United States Air Force


Tom (TJ) Navickis United States Air Force

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