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Glad She Waited

Ollie Lindsay served in the US Army from September 1979 through March 1990. He and his wife, Linda, just celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary and have three children and six grandchildren. Growing up in Kentucky, I was very poor and was going to go to technical school to be an electrician, but I loved sports  Read More

Anchor Out

Captain Jon Cook, USN (Ret) enlisted in the Navy June 1962, graduated from the Naval Academy 1967, earned his naval aviator wings 1968, and started his helicopter career as a gunship pilot in Viet Nam, then as a rescue pilot, then as an anti submarine pilot aboard frigates and destroyers. He was the commanding officer  Read More

AKA “Dum Trkdivor”

Rolf Lengner served in the US Army from 1978-1999. Upon retiring from the Army, Rolf worked as a long distance truck driver from 1999-2019. He is now a full time student at Cape Fear Community College. After getting over the shock that a twenty one year career in the military was coming to a close,  Read More

A Night Fire

Kate M Carey is the sister of PFC David Lee Carey who was killed in Vietnam in 1968. Raised in Ohio, she lives and writes from Lexington and Surf City, NC. She is married and has adult children living in Ohio and Florida. Sometimes it’s not secrets that hurt, it’s the untold stories that cut  Read More

55 Gold Fish

Amber Taylor served in the United States Marine Corps from 2012-2016 where she worked as Field Radio Operator. She is a nursing student from Wampum, Pennsylvania and currently resides in the Wilmington area with her two kids, Gabriel (5) and Evelyn (2). As a college student, I am very accustomed to writing research papers surrounded  Read More


Laura Montagano served as a Petty Officer, Second Class, Electronics Technician and specialist in surveillance radar and precision approach radar gear, Laura served from 1985 to 1993 in the United States Navy. This aviation-centered field led to assignments on many airfields and occasionally on tender or service ships. Laura loved everything about the field of  Read More

The Stress of Competition

Simeon Dunker spent 10 ½ years in the US Army as a Military Policeman. He has spent over 10 years working and training Police K9s and Handlers. He has completed two tours in Iraq and was medically retired in 2014. After years of training and handling working dogs with various departments and agencies all over  Read More

The Arctic Adventure

By Joy Smoots At the altar nearly forty-three years ago, a new life much different from the life I had known was about to begin.  As we walked back down the church aisle, my husband in his “dress whites” smiled and asked, “Are you ready for the adventure?”  Little did I know what lay ahead  Read More

Twelve Hours for a Lifetime

By Benjamin Rednour, United States Army, United States Marine Corps It is 2:30am or 0230 for us. The context seems different although it is the same. We are heading into the most significant event of our lives in a beast of a helicopter known as the Sea Stallion. My Marine brethren and I are heading  Read More

The Harsh Reality

By Keylle Locklear, United States Air Force I wanted to be important. I wanted to find my purpose, help people, see the world. I wanted to leave the small town I grew up in and do something extraordinary. I sat down in the recruiter’s office and began the process of joining the United States Air  Read More
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