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Moving Forward While Looking Back

em>Noel Wheeler, United States Navy I always knew I would join the Navy. As a kid I had the usual thoughts of being a doctor, nurse, or veterinarian. As I watched my friends worry about Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) exams and college application essays, I rested easily knowing that the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery  Read More

The Lament of Footsteps

By Seth Strickland, I sat uncomfortably in the metal folding chair, the room around me filled with the echoes of somber chatter. I wasn’t part of the conversation. I acted more like a fixture in the room, no different from the lifeless furniture, still and silent, apart in my own mind. The table in front  Read More

Laughter and Tears

By Lisa Stephens, United States Marine Corps Sometime in the early 80’s, a movie called Private Benjamin made its debut. In the movie, Goldie Hahn fell off the bus at a recruit depot wearing a dress and heels. This was typical Lisa behavior, having earned the name “Slip” during spring break at Ft. Lauderdale, where  Read More

The Love Me Nots

By Benjamin Rednour, United States Army, United States Marine Corps A man fought a fight in a field of flowers, Though the flowers held the antidote to pain, Propagandist doctrine driving the machine, Yet all intentions were executed in vain, Chess pawn or puzzle piece I am forethought, The predisposition was never made clear, What  Read More

Through the Gates of Hell

Daniel Lowderman, United States Navy It takes a special brand of crazy to do some of the jobs in today’s military . . . most notably, running towards the sound of gunfire as opposed to giving in to the normal human nature of self-preservation. Due to the unnatural aspect of being a United States Navy  Read More

Pain is Unavoidable, Suffering is a Choice

By Alex Happer, United States Army I was merely 2 weeks into my 17th year of life when I decided to enter the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) at the local Army Career Center in Wake Forest, NC. I was easy for the Recruiting Station Commander in the fact that I already knew I wanted the  Read More

Thoughts of a Deployed Soldier

Greg Givens, United States Army Here is the highlight of my day: After nap number two, I walk my happy ass down to the phone center and make some phone calls. It’s been a couple of weeks since I called home, so this is a real treat for all parties involved. First on the line  Read More

He is not Him

By Katrina Brittingham he is not him. when i look into his pearly eyes, hoping to get lost with comfort, i find nothing, no sense of the hymn i knew. his sandy hair is receding i search for memories of years prior, yet missing they seem to be. he is not him. he is not  Read More

Under Honorable Conditions…

Ryan C. Ayars, United States Navy As we lie to fake Dreams of black irises sing Angels dancing among death A rhythmic step, fear A vitreous passenger Casting mind shadows Trails of tiny web Floating in clouds Time and scribbled lines Forgotten familiar mirrors Of reflecting oppression Aggression, aggression

Joining The Navy: Interview Excerpt

Greg Arey, United States Navy The detailers wanted me to be a cryptology tech. They said, “You have to go take this Morse Code test.” So they took me to the basement under the building. And they said, “You go down here, and you take this test.” Well, they gave me the test, and I  Read More
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