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Quick Guide – Types of Accommodations

Special Test Administration

Extended Time on Tests/Quizzes (1.5x) (Faculty, SAS)

The student approved for this accommodation is eligible to receive time and a half the length of the normal testing time (online or a face-to-face class)

Time and a half time also applies to quizzes, pop quizzes, or any other timed in-class assignment.

This accommodation does not apply to out-of-class assignments.

Quiet/Low Distraction Setting (Faculty, SAS)

A student’s disability may impact their concentration. The accommodation of quiet/low distraction setting allows a student to test in a lower distraction environment. This does not necessarily mean that the student is testing in an isolated area.

It may be appropriate to test in a room with approximately 5 to 6 other students; however, it would not be appropriate for a student who has been approved for this accommodation to test in a class with 20 other students.

Word Processing (Faculty, Student, SAS)

This accommodation may be approved for a student whose disability impacts their ability to write.

This accommodation allows the student to use a word processor during exams that have a written component for an in-class assignment.

Enlarged Copy (Faculty, SAS)

It is the instructor’s responsibility to provide an enlarged copy of in-class printed material, such as the course syllabus, handouts, and exams.

Unless otherwise specified, the recommended font is Arial 18.

Scribe (SAS)

A student who has been approved for a scribe may have an individual (hired by the Student Accessibility Services office) accompanying the student in class in order to scribe for in-class assignments and/or tests.

The scribe will have been provided training and instruction on proper guidelines for scribing.

Alternative Format (SAS)

A student may require a test in a format other than standard print. An alternative format may be in one of the following formats: electronic, braille, or audio.

In order to use some of the alternative formats, assistive technology such as screen reading software may be needed. This accommodation is provided by the SAS office.

Assistive Technology/Reader (SAS)

A student who has been approved for this accommodation may require assistive technology software or an individual to read in-class assignments and/or exams for them.

This accommodation is provided by the SAS office.


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