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Aviso (Watermark) App

Being a CFCC student is made easier with the Aviso Student app!

Use the new CFCC Aviso app to make appointments with your academic advisor, counselor, or schedule a meeting with the success team! The Aviso Student app also makes your courses, grades, and attendance accessible all in one place!

Aviso Student App

What is Aviso?

  • Best way to connect quickly with your Advisor and Counselor
  • Schedule Meetings with your Success Team
  • View your Courses, Grades, and Attendance in one place
  • Receive push notifications for important Messages on the App
  • Ease of use with the App on phones, tablets, and other mobile devices

How do I find Aviso?

Visit https://cfcc.avisoapp.com/ or Download the Aviso Student App in Your App Store

  1. Search for “Aviso Student” in your Application Store
  2. Download the App
  3. Enter your CFCC login credentials
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