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2020 Student Recognition Ceremony Awards

Arts & Sciences Academic Achievement

Abbey St. Pierre
Farideh Clinton
Gloria Guzman
Jacob Apple
Kaley Nesselroade
Lindsey Brinson
Nathanael Tinch
Oulaya Hayez
Rene Flores
Sarah Priddy
Seth Eure
Stephanie Nunez

Health Sciences

Gina Shields, Dental Hygiene
Joseph Matthiessen, Human Services Technology: Substance Abuse
Rafaela Muniz, Early Childhood Education
Stacey Bridges, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Career and Technical Education

Ben Larson, Veterinary Medical Technology
Billy Pruett Jr., Electrical Engineering Technology
Brandon Edgell, Sustainability Technologies
Courtney Kirkham, Business Analytics
Kerry Ann Copeland, Healthcare Business Informatics
Logan Colone, Electrical Systems Technology
Shane Snow, Wooden Boat Building
Shinea Koon, Interpreter Education

Cooperative Innovative High School

Abigail Kampschroeder, Pender Early College High School
McKenzie Britt, SEA-TECH High School
Robert (Aiden) Jonkheer, Wilmington Early College High School

Continuing Education

Joseph Covas, Graphic Design

Clubs, Organizations, Special Awards

Cameron Mays, SCNAVTA Club
Felicity Spear, Business Technologies Club
Kerri Taylor, Honors Club

Maya Cowan, Honors Club

Robert (Tyler) Fulton, Philosophy Club

Honors Experience

Maeve Cosgrove, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Ambassador Award

Lily Hosea

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