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Succeed in Your Online Classes

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Jason Bocchino, CFCC Veterans Services Coordinator completed his entire degree online; he understands the benefits and challenges of online learning. Below, he shares a few items that were key to his success throughout the program.

First Things, First
  • Be familiar with how the discussion boards, assignments areas, lessons, and announcements.
  • Read the syllabus and know key dates, keep track of them.
  • Make sure you log in daily to stay on top of the required readings are or posts required.
Workspace is Key

Another key to my success was to have a dedicated spot to work. This place must be comfortable and be free of as many distractions as possible. Also try to have the proper amount of time dedicated in the day. Treat it as if you were in the classroom. This time should be enough to do the readings and for taking notes.

Take Breaks

When you are working and need a break get up and go walk around, outside if you can as if you were walking from one class to the other on campus. This helps get your mind clear and you can get back to it.


Take some time to get to know your fellow classmates and keep them informed on what you are learning and doing along the way through the course. Sharing educational goals and experiences is a way to both commiserate and inspire each other!

Remember: Communication is key to your success.  

Please let your instructors, counselors, advisors, and mentors know immediately if you run into problems or obstacles during the class so everyone can work out a solution. Use the resources the school has to offer.

Take responsibility for your own learning and you will be a great success in this class!

CFCC staff and instructors are here to help you! Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

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