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University Transfer FAQs

How do I transfer to a 4-year college or university?
Many students attend CFCC with the intention of transferring to a four-year college or university. If this is your goal, we encourage you to plan early and choose a program of study that matches your academic and career direction.

It is suggested that students research transfer options early, including campus visits. Connecting to Transfer Admission Representatives at respective schools of interest can help CFCC students align course selections—saving time and money! Need help? Visit CFCC’s Academic Advising Center at the Downtown Campus, room U-240, or at our North Campus location in NA-106A.

Students are encouraged to become familiar with the Handbook to review all program options and requirements for degree completion.

What is a reverse transfer?
The awarding of an associate degree to students who previously attended CFCC and fulfilled the associate degree requirement while working towards a bachelor’s degree at one of the participating UNC schools.

How does it work?
After you have given permission for the university to send us your records, your records will be sent to us once you have earned at least 60 credits. We will download your data, evaluate your transcripts, pull in the appropriate courses, and certify you if you are eligible. Once you are certified, you will receive a letter notifying you of your status and an invitation to participate, if you choose, in our commencement ceremony. You will also receive important information regarding the ceremony. If you choose not to participate, you will be given the option to have your degree mailed to you or picked up from our downtown location once all have been printed.

If you are not eligible, you will be notified by CFNC/NCCCS. For more information, visit cfnc.org/reversetransfer or northcarolina.edu/reversetransfer .

How can I order an official transcript from CFCC?
Students will be asked to make their requests online since that is the quickest and most effective way for them to send or get an official copy of their transcript.

Request a Transcript

What are Baccalaureate Degree Plans (BDPs)?
BDPs are guidelines that universities send to community colleges that break down the associate degree. These plans give students recommendations on prerequisite or requirement courses they can go ahead and take at the community college that will fulfill major requirements for their transfer school. To access BDPs, please visit our University Transfer Guide webpage .
When can I transfer?
Students may transfer to another institution at any time from CFCC, but it is strongly recommended by 4-year institutions and CFCC that a student complete their degree program before doing so. This often will allow the student to transfer with the most benefit to their next degree completion.
If I am transferring next semester do I need to tell CFCC?
Students should inform the Financial Aid Office of their transfer, and submit a request through the Registrar’s Office website to have their official transcript sent. Students graduating from CFCC should also make sure they have filed their intent to graduate before the deadline listed on the Academic Calendar.
When I have questions about another school’s application, who should I contact?
Students who have questions about another institution’s applications are best served by contacting that institution’s Admissions Office. Many times the Admissions Office will also have answers to common questions on their website.
What to consider when selecting your transfer school?
  • Academic Majors Available
  • Affordable Cost of Attendance
  • Housing Options
  • Location, Location, Location
  • On-Campus Facilities and Amenities
  • Campus Parking/Transportation
  • Student Activities
  • Career Services
  • Do You Feel at Home on Campus?
Can you send a high school transcript to my destination college?
You will have to contact your high school to send an official transcript directly.
Which college application should I use? I see there are choices.
Check your college’s admissions or transfer page for what options they accept.
How do I figure out what classes I should take if my college does not list a BDP? What if my college is out of state?
Search your destination college website for transfer information—both admissions and the department website. For assistance, contact their admissions department.
Where do I look for the application deadlines for my college?
Search using the name of your college and dates and deadlines. If the dates do not come up, go to Admissions or Transfer Admissions and look for information about Applying or dates. This will usually take you to choices for first-year students or transfer students. You are a transfer student.

For more transfer FAQs, check out CFNC’s website.

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