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Associate in Fine Arts, Visual Arts

CFCC’s Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) in Visual Arts program offers strong foundational instruction with an emphasis on visual literacy, technical skills, observation, critical thinking, and creative expression for those planning to pursue a major of study in the arts at the four-year level.

Every credit a student earns at CFCC in the Associate of Fine Arts- Visual Arts program will count toward their degree at any one of the 16 institutions in the UNC System, and CFCC has special articulation agreements with universities across the state and beyond for students who want to pursue a fine arts education at the university level. Students who successfully complete an AFA degree can transfer to a receiving school as a junior.

Program offerings consist of studio and lecture courses. All courses are transferable, can lead toward the Associate of Fine Arts degree or may fulfill various general education requirements for a variety of degrees and programs. Students learn problem-solving skills applicable not only to art studies but also to everyday life. We foster lifelong learning, appreciation of diverse points of view, and recognition of art as a fundamental form of human expression.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Once you become a CFCC student, meet with a CFCC Academic Advisor and discuss your long-term goals.
  2. Connect with the transfer institution of your choice, and familiarize yourself with their transfer requirements.
  3. Keep your grades up and make sure to use CFCC’s student resources to help you be successful.
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