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CFCC Baking and Pastry Arts student satisfies the sweet tooth

Cheriekke DreherCheriekke Dreher has been baking up a storm since she started sharing her cakes, cookies, and candied apples on social media. Her creations, tempting for her sweet tooth-minded followers, drew an influx of orders. That’s when Dreher decided to set up her own shop: Heavenly Treats.

As her business grew, Dreher sought professional training to equip herself to further grow her enterprise. That’s when she discovered CFCC’s Baking and Pastry Arts program.

Starting From Scratch

Returning to school after several years was nerve-wracking for Dreher. She credits the Nixon Leaders Center for helping her navigate the enrollment process and introducing her to counselors and the student success coaches.
Dipped Strawberries

“I came to CFCC to learn and expand my horizons,” Dreher said. “There is so much support here on campus. At first, I was terrified, but the staff guided me all the way through and kept me motivated.”

Through the program, Dreher fine tunes her baking and cake decorating skills, and learns inventory and purchasing. With plans to expand her social media bakery business to a full on bakery shop, Dreher continues to work hard toward this goal. Meanwhile, she’s grateful to CFCC and the Baking and Pastry Arts program for the skills, confidence, and knowledge she has gained through the program.

Dreher invites anyone considering CFCC to step out in faith.

“There are endless resources here: from counseling to support to tutoring, “Dreher said. “For those who want to come back to school and think they’re too old, you can do this.”

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