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CFCC Culinary Arts student pursues dream of becoming a traveling chef

Jasmine Springer

CFCC Culinary Arts Student Jasmine Springer can be patient in cooking. She waits for the water to boil and the souffle to rise. But when it comes to her culinary career, patience runs thin. She can’t wait to start.

Early Start

Determined and ready to begin her training, Springer shared her goals with her high school guidance counselor, who planned out the academic credits she would need to graduate a year early. Springer graduated from New Hanover High School at 16.

Now, Springer pursues her dream of becoming a chef through CFCC’s Culinary Arts program. And through the NC Longleaf Commitment Grant , she’s able to complete her two years at CFCC free.

“CFCC made the most sense for me because it is closer to home,” shared Springer. “It just saves a lot of money. Rather than going straight to a 4-year university and paying so much out of pocket, I get my first two years of college here at Cape Fear free.”

Springer is very motivated and excited to be in the program. She has already impressed the CFCC Culinary Arts program director, Jaime Chadwick.

“Jasmine’s attention to detail is impressive,” Chadwick said. “She is meticulous regarding the precision of her techniques. This is the foundation for a great Chef.”

Love What You Do

Springer has loved cooking since she was a toddler. Her favorite toys growing up included kitchen sets and toy utensils. By middle school, she knew she wanted to make this a career.

While attending CFCC, Springer is already building her resume by working at a local casual restaurant. She is learning about the need for food safety and sanitation and the theories of nutritional value and food science. All of which she can apply to her current job.

After graduating from CFCC with her associate degree, Springer plans to transfer to Johnson & Wales to pursue her bachelor’s degree in culinary arts. Her dream job is to be a traveling chef, but she wouldn’t mind running her own restaurant or catering business.

Do What You Love

Springer loves to cook soul food, but when it comes to her preferred dining experience, she loves watching hibachi grill chefs perform.

Springer’s experience in the culinary arts program has made her realize how much she loves cooking. She values the whole learning process and looks forward to each day in class.

“I like the whole experience of cooking in front of you,” said Springer. “You get to see how your food is made. The chef might crack a joke with you, and you get to have a conversation with them.”

Are you interested in turning your culinary passion into a career? Learn more about CFCC’s Culinary Arts program today.

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