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The future is bright for this CFCC electrical apprentice

Taylor Benetz
Meet Taylor Benetz. Benetz is an apprentice in CFCC’s Electrical Apprenticeship program. She first discovered her passion for construction while gutting houses and rebuilding homes for the local community after Hurricane Florence.

In pursuit of her newfound interest, she went to work for a maintenance company and learned about T.A. Woods Company, the leading mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and general contractor in Southeastern North Carolina.

Path to Success

Benetz applied and was accepted into the T.A. Woods Company electrical apprenticeship program at Cape Fear Community College. Through the program, Benetz receives mentorship, tuition reimbursement, an apprentice’s wage, and a set pathway to success.

“I’m still young and I have a lot to learn, but knowing that I’m going to class and I have a career path ahead of me and I’m not just kind of stuck where I’m at takes a lot of pressure off and helps me feel confident in the direction I’m headed.”

By next year, Benetz will have the certifications to obtain her limited electrician’s license. A limited license will allow Benetz to do her own jobs and will increase her earning potential. After additional training, she will be on her way to earn a journeyman certification. A journeyman certification will make her eligible to take a written exam to become certified or licensed and she will have more opportunities for growth once she obtains the journeyman level certification.

On-the-Job Confidence

Integrating on-the-job training with her education gives Benetz confidence in both places. She applies knowledge she learns in school to her job and likewise, uses information from her job in her classwork.

“Last year, we focused on theory and how electricity works. From point a to point b, we learned how it flows. Having that instruction and going to work the next day, I was able to visualize everything better and apply everything I learned. I could relate what I learned in class to different work scenarios.”

Always Learning

Her favorite part about being an apprentice?

“Always learning. Everyone understands—my foreman and my coworkers know—I’m still new to the training and going to classes, so they’re always jumping in to teach me something. It’s really helpful because I can learn from everybody– learning better ways to do things– the tricks of the trade, if you will.”

About the Program

The Electrical Apprenticeship program trains individuals to become licensed electricians. This four-level/four-year program equips apprentices with the on-the-job training and in-class knowledge to succeed in the field. Upon successful completion of the program, apprentices earn their apprenticeship journeyman card from Apprenticeship NC through the North Carolina Department of Labor. The courses begin in the fall semester (late August) and end the following spring semester (March or April). In total, a student will complete an estimated 624 hours of class time by the end of the program.

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