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CFCC Grad Passionate About Boosting Self-Esteem

“When I was younger I had really bad acne and low self-esteem,” said Taylor Holden, CFCC graduate. “Once I got my acne cleared up, I wanted to help other people transform their low self-esteem into better confidence.” Holden’s interest in hair and nails coupled with her passion for boosting self-esteem led her to pursue a career as a dermatologist. “I thought I could be a doctor and help people build their confidence through beauty regiments.”

Holden, 20, will participate in CFCC’s graduation ceremony on May 14, 2021.

This Leland-native’s journey to college began with six months of Military training following her high school graduation. Then as a member of the Air Force Reserves, she enrolled at Cape Fear Community College that spring.

Holden chose CFCC for its affordability and convenience. “It’s helping me save money for medical school,” she added. Furthermore, to help cut down on costs, she served as a student ambassador and a work-study student. Through the Student Ambassador program, she received tuition reimbursement, and as a work-study, she was paid monthly based on her hours of work in the office. As a student ambassador and a work-study student, she hosted tours of the campuses, was a resource to prospective students, and helped out the staff when needed, giving her the opportunity to grow her skill set and build her resume.

Holden credits the staff at CFCC for keeping her on the right path to pursue her goals. “The staff helped me with my academics and made sure that I was on the right track. They genuinely wanted to help and were always warm and welcoming.”

Holden plans to pursue her bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW) to further her education to become a dermatologist. As the recipient of a total of 7 grants and scholarships, Holden’s tuition at UNCW will be covered.

“Cape Fear helped me open my eyes to see the many educational opportunities available as a community college student and how these opportunities can set you up for success in transferring to a four-year university.”

Tuition at CFCC is less than half the cost of tuition at a four-year school; and by starting at CFCC, students like Taylor Holden save thousands of dollars and set themselves up for academic success while they work their way toward their dream career. CFCC is now enrolling for summer and fall classes. To learn more, visit cfcc.edu/register .

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