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CFCC Soon-to-Be Graduate Has Her Eyes on the Skies

CFCC Student Ambassador and soon-to-be graduate Gabrielle Kirkman, 19, has her eyes on the skies after being accepted to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where she will pursue a degree in aeronautical science at the College of Aviation this fall.

Originally from Greenville, NC, Gabrielle was recruited to play for the CFCC women’s soccer team. During her time on the team, Gabrielle built solid friendships and was involved in numerous community service opportunities.

In addition to playing soccer, Gabrielle was a CFCC Student Ambassador where she represented the college in many ways serving as a resource for current and prospective students and working closely with the CFCC staff.

“Before coming to CFCC, I was accepted into other colleges. When it came time to make the decision, I chose to attend Cape Fear because of the location, affordability, and the opportunity to play soccer.” “I loved how small the classes were, especially during my first two years when I was taking my general education courses. Being able to connect with the instructors and other students on a smaller scale made the experience better overall. I am so happy with the decision I made.”

Gabrielle quickly learned to take advantage of the resources CFCC has to offer. “My advisor was super helpful to me. Registering for classes and knowing exactly which ones will transfer can be overwhelming. My advisor mapped out my entire time at CFCC and made sure I would graduate on time. Now I am graduating, and I am so happy knowing almost all of my credits are transferring to my university, and I will be going in as a junior.”

After graduating from Embry-Riddle, Gabrielle plans to apply for Officer Candidate School, a military school that trains civilians and enlisted personnel in order for them to gain a commission as officers in the armed forces. Combining her love for aviation, the medical field, adventure, and making an impact on people’s lives, Gabrielle’s dream is to become a rescue pilot.

“During my time in Wilmington, I worked as a CNA. I also obtained my EMT Basic Certification at CFCC. However, I knew I didn’t want to be tied down to one place. Becoming a rescue pilot will allow me to combine all of my passions into a career I know I will love.”

For anyone interested in attending CFCC, Gabrielle has some advice. “Whether you know what your career goals are, or if you are still not yet sure, CFCC is a wonderful option either way. For me, it gave me the chance to explore different options without breaking the bank. CFCC is especially beneficial if you want to transfer. Not only do you get acclimated to college life, but you also have two years to get a better understanding of what you want to do. You also have the chance to the network since the instructors here are experts in their fields and have several connections within the community. CFCC can prepare you to fulfill your dreams. It did for me.”

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