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CFCC student turns her art hobby into a business

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Heeding her mom’s advice, CFCC student Ava Gosline decided to combine her business acumen with her passion for pottery.


From an early age, Ava demonstrated a business sense. The Wilmington native enrolled at CFCC where she strategically saved money while completing her general education courses.

Initially, Ava aimed to pursue an Associate of Science degree with her sights set on transferring to NC State. However, after struggling through calculus and chemistry courses, she discovered that STEM classes were not her interest.


Ava persevered and completed her degree. Despite Ava’s perseverance, her mom noticed how unhappy she was with her curriculum. She also took note of Ava’s talent and enjoyment of making pottery, so she suggested that Ava consider opening a ceramics studio.

The idea of owning a ceramics studio is exhilarating to Ava, who also understands the importance of business skills to help her successfully operate and manage a pottery business.
So, Ava decided to continue her studies at CFCC in the business administration program.

“Now, I love my classes,” shared Ava. “I am enjoying working toward a certificate in business and continuing to take studio art classes.”


Ava Gosline

As an active member of Phi Theta Kappa, Ava learned about Eden Village and its mission to provide a ‘permanent solution to chronic homelessness. She wanted to contribute her talents to the community.

Ava saw an excellent opportunity to gain more experience with her ceramics skills and donate a useful item. She created a mug for each of the thirty-one (31) Eden Village residents.

“I made the mugs after I finished Ceramics II,” Ava commented. “I was pretty comfortable on the wheel. I knew it would be a great opportunity to get more comfortable with wheel-throwing and making refined art. It was a fun and rewarding experience.”


Ava’s time at CFCC has opened doors for volunteer and professional work. Having her artwork on display at the Wilma Daniels Gallery led to new opportunities to create and sell her work.

“During the CFCC student art show, I entered a large sculpture I named Barnacle Culture,” Ava said. “It sold on opening night, along with another of my large sculptures! Now I have a long list of commissions I need to finish.”

After finishing her business administration courses, Ava is considering transferring to UNCW’s Cameron School of Business to continue studying business administration. Until she opens her studio, Ava plans to sell her artwork at art shops and farmer’s markets in the area.

Learn more about CFCC’s transferable associate degree in Business Administration.

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