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CFCC’s Theatre Department Presents Socially Distanced Fall Play

CFCC’s Department of Arts & Humanities is pleased to present this year’s fall play production of “Animal Farm” by Nelson Bond, based on the book by George Orwell, on November 11-13, 2020 at 7 p.m. in CFCC’s outdoor amphitheater.

CFCC’s Theatre Program Chair Jessica Gaffney wanted to ensure students still had the opportunity to learn despite the challenges they would face when producing a live show in a pandemic. “Our students apply the knowledge and skill they gain in the classroom directly to when they work on a show,” said Gaffney. “Even in the midst of COVID-19, I was looking for ways we could produce a show safely. This reader’s theatre production of ‘Animal Farm’ allows the students to share a timeless story with an audience while social distancing.”

Moving the play outside also inspired her class to create a puppet show to accompany the script since the actors are stationary for most of the show. “During a time of uncertainty, ‘Animal Farm’ has provided me with a normality that keeps me afloat,” said CFCC theater student Kristen Midget. “Being part of this show makes me hopeful for the future and, oddly enough, performing makes me feel at ease. I can’t wait to open this play for everyone to see where our hard work has gone!”

About “Animal Farm”

“Animal Farm” is a fable with a sting. Much has been written about the threat of Communism, but it remained to the late George Orwell, farsighted British author of the brilliant and frightening 1984, to expose the Russian experiment for what it really is; an idealist’s dream, converted by realists into a nightmare.

In staged dramatic reading version of this timely allegory you will meet beasts whose prototypes have dominated news headlines for many fearful years. Opening on a note of joyous triumph for the creatures who have emancipated themselves from the cruel mastery of a human owner, the reading mounts inexorably to a climax of disillusionment in which the other animals discover themselves now subject to the rule of even more ruthless autocrats: the
greedy, cunning pigs.

Intermingling humor and drama, Animal Farm wrings the emotions of its listeners, leaving audiences shaken with the tale of a tragedy that happened in a mythical barnyard far away but could happen in our own backyard.


The play is free. Reservations must be made in advance online at WilsonCenterTickets.com or over the phone at 910-362-7999. Spots are limited to 24 tickets per performance in order to comply with guidelines set forth by state and local health officials.

Further Guidelines
  • Parking is free in the Hanover Student Parking Deck.
  • In the event of rain or inclement weather, the performances will be moved to Nov. 18- 20, 2020.
  • Masks are required, and social distancing will be enforced.

Learn more about CFCC’s Associate in Fine Arts – Theatre Program at cfcc.edu/associate-in-theatre .

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