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Welcome to the Faculty Association!

In order to keep up-to-date on everything going on with the Faculty Association, be sure to check the Faculty Association Blackboard website regularly.

Please check your CFCC email regularly so you will not miss any urgent or time-sensitive issues such as voting, surveys, meeting announcements, requests for input on agenda items, and more.

The Faculty Association Constitution preamble states the following:

The Cape Fear Community College Faculty Association is a body of faculty that exists for the purpose of supporting and encouraging the faculty membership in their endeavor to achieve excellence in education through instruction, professional and personal growth, reflection, and discussion.

The purposes and objectives of the Faculty Association, as stated in the Faculty Association Constitution, are listed below:

Section 1. To serve as an organization through which members may discuss and interpret matters concerning the faculty, while advocating for the faculty body, not majority or individual, when discussing those concerns or questions.

Section 2. To maintain working relationships between the Cape Fear Community College Administration (Executive Team), supporting the vision of the institution in order to enhance the effectiveness and quality of the College.

Section 3. To effectively communicate all pertinent information between faculty members, officers, and the executive team in a respectful and constructive manner in line with the faculty mission and handbook.

Section 4. To participate in planning the educational programs and in developing educational policy.

Section 5. To provide support, encouragement, and advice to other members in the best interest of the college mission and goals.

Please contact your Faculty Association Officers and Division Representatives to share any accomplishments, issues, problems, concerns, or questions you have regarding CFCC.

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