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Civil Leave

Policy Statement

The State Board of Community Colleges (SBCC) allows each college’s board of trustees to establish policies and procedures related to civil leave. Cape Fear Community College understands and supports employees’ responsibility and right to fulfill their civic duty.


Jury Duty – An employee who serves on a jury is entitled to leave with pay and regular compensation plus fees received for jury duty. The employee should report back to work as soon as jury duty is completed. The employee must report back to work the day following completion of the duty. If jury duty occurs on a scheduled day off, he/she is not entitled to additional time off.

Court Attendance – (a) When an employee attends court in connection with official duties, no leave is required. Fees received as a witness while serving in an official capacity shall be turned in to the College. (If court is on a day that would normally be an off day, the time is to be considered as working time and included in the total hours worked per week). (b) When an employee is subpoenaed or directed by proper authority to appear as a witness, civil leave with pay shall be granted. Any fees received shall be turned in to the College. The employee may use vacation leave rather than take civil leave with pay in which case any fees received may be retained. (This is not considered as work time.)

Supporting documentation must be submitted to Human Resources prior to the occurrence.

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