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Health Insurance

Policy Statement

Cape Fear Community College offers a wide-range of benefits intended to create and enhance a great working experience for its employees.


Regular full-time employees are eligible to participate in the State Health Plan of North Carolina. Employees will be given the opportunity to choose between the currently available plans. Cost and coverage levels will vary depending upon plan selection. The employee is always responsible for the premium for dependent coverage.

An employee hired on a nine-month contract (pay not spread over 12 months) will have double deductions for insurance premiums in the months of March and April. In addition, optional benefits will be deducted per the employee’s contract term. For employees that elect to spread pay over 12 months, premiums will be deducted monthly. Faculty that do not return to work after the summer break shall repay the college any insurance premiums (both employer and employee portions) that have been paid on his or her behalf.

A detailed account of coverage, premiums, and application procedures may be obtained from the Human Resources office.

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