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Job Posting


Regular Full-time positions – Regular full-time positions are generally (at the College’s discretion) posted internally for three business days prior to being posted externally for seven days. The College reserves the discretion to determine an appropriate time frame for internal postings and when/if those postings should be advertised externally. Internal job postings will be placed on the college’s internal job posting site. Employees without access to computer resources to access the Colleges’ internal job site can come to Human Resources to apply online. Internal candidates include regular full-time, temporary full-time, and temporary part-time employees currently on the CFCC payroll at the time the job posting is approved.

Eligibility requirements to apply as an internal applicant for employees who are in part-time positions are:

5.21.1 Employed at CFCC for at least six months,
5.21.2 In good job performance standing in the areas of customer service,
productivity, quality of work, attendance, and punctuality.

Temporary part-time employees may apply for positions at any time.

Eligibility requirements to apply for internal or external postings for employees who are in regular full-time or temporary full-time positions are:

1. Must have satisfactorily completed probationary period of employment (refer to Section 5.18 for details on the probationary period).

Regular full-time positions that are not filled by an internal search will be advertised and posted externally for a minimum of seven (7) business days. Internal candidates may apply for both internally and externally posted jobs. Internal applicants not selected through an internal search may still be considered in the external applicant pool.

Regular Full-time positions – All regular full-time positions may be advertised locally, statewide and nationally through our recruitment and advertising solution partner(s) if the position has not been filled internally within three (3) business days. Openings are listed with the North Carolina Employment Security Commission, the North Carolina Community College System, and with other trade or diversity organizations, agencies or advertising avenues as needed. Openings are posted externally for a minimum of seven (7) business days. The College reserves the discretion to either extend postings as needed or take postings down in order to gather an appropriate talent pool of qualified candidates.

Part-time positions – Workflow for part-time openings originate in Human Resources and follow the same approval process as full-time postings, with the exception of pre-approved direct-hire links which are not posted, but used to capture applications for continuous recruitment of positions. Applicants for part- time positions apply using the online applicant tracking system.

Application – For an application to be official, a Cape Fear Community College employment application must be fully completed and submitted through the College’s online application tracking system and by the date listed in the posting, and must contain unofficial transcripts. At the end of the posting period, College personnel who have been designated to serve on the search committee for the position will proceed with the selection process as described under Selection Process.

Successful candidates who are offered a position are required to submit their official transcripts for all degrees earned prior to their first day of employment.

Faculty will be given credit for full-time teaching experience only.

Exception – The President may make changes in a regular full-time employee’s job status through reorganization or reassignment without a search.

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