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Military Leave

Policy Statement

Military leave is a uniform state policy and is granted to members of reserve components of the US Armed Forces for active-duty training and state military duty.


Leave with pay shall be granted to members of Reserve Components of the U.S. Armed Forces for certain periods of active duty training and to members of the State Militia (National Guard) for State military duty as promulgated pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 127A-116 and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994.

Leave shall be granted to employees of the College for certain periods of service in the uniformed services. No agent or employee of the College shall discriminate against any employee of the college or applicant for employment at the college because of their membership, application for membership, performance of service, application for service or obligation for service in Uniformed Services. During a period of reserve active duty, the employee will continue to accumulate sick and vacation leave. If the employee does not return to state employment, vacation leave earned while on reserve duty will be paid in accordance with the Vacation Leave Policy.

An employee shall be granted necessary time off when the employee must undergo a required physical examination relating to military service. For additional information, contact Human Resources.

When ordered to State or Federal active duty, or as an intermittent disaster-response appointee upon activation of the National Disaster Medical System, the following shall apply for each period of involuntary service:

1. Members shall receive up to thirty (30) calendar days of pay based on the employee’s current annual State salary.

2. After the thirty-day (30) period, members shall receive differential pay for any period of involuntary service. This pay shall be the difference between military basic pay and the employee’s annual State salary, if military pay is the lesser.

3. For periods eligible for military leave with differential pay, the activated state employee is required to provide a copy of their Leave and Earnings Statement or similar document covering the period eligible for differential pay.

When on State Duty, the State continues to pay for health coverage for members for the National Guard. When on Federal active duty, the State will pay for coverage in the State Health Plan for at least 30 days from the date of active service pursuant to the orders. Partial premiums are not accepted; therefore, if a full premium is paid to cover a partial month, coverage will also continue to the end of that month. After that, the employee may choose to continue coverage in the State Health Plan by paying the full premium. If the employee chooses to exhaust vacation leave, the State also pays for coverage while exhausting leave.

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