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Non-Reappointment Procedure


Regular -Full Time – Any contractual employee may be subject to non-reappointment following a contract period, depending upon program changes, financial exigency, reduced enrollment, and other factors deemed relevant to total institutional interests. All non-reappointment determinations will be based on the best interests of the College and shall be made in accordance with applicable law and applicable College policies. Except in the case where financial information from the State affecting a non-reappointment determination is unavailable, regular contractual employees whose contracts will not be renewed will be notified of their non-reappointment by June 1 of the fiscal year preceding the fiscal year for which they will not be reappointed. The need for temporary employees varies from semester to semester and temporary positions are not established in the budget as regularly recurring positions, therefore, employees in temporary positions will not be given advance notice of non-reappointment.

The decision not to reappoint a contractual employee at the conclusion of a contract period is committed, without further recourse, to the judgment of the College officials authorized to make the non-reappointment determination, based on the factors described above, and may not be appealed through the College’s Grievance Procedure or otherwise. However, if for some reason the opportunity for a hearing is required by law in connection with a contractual employee’s non- reappointment, any appeal
will be conducted in accordance with the College’s Grievance Procedure.

Part-Time Employees– A contract may be canceled at any time for any reason as deemed necessary by the College.

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