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Personal Leave for Faculty

Policy Statement

Cape Fear Community College provides Personal Leave to eligible employees.


Full-time Faculty members are allowed to take three personal leave days per fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th) for personal business or circumstances that cannot be attended to outside the normal working day. Faculty may use their personal leave days anytime during the fiscal year, and the time can be taken consecutively.

Full-time Faculty also receive one Personal Observance Day per fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th). See section 5.47 for more information.

Faculty Personal Leave will be deducted in either half-day (4-hour) or full-day (8-hour) increments. Eight (8) hours of Faculty Personal Leave must be deducted for each full-day missed and four (4) hours of Faculty personal leave must be deducted for each partial day missed by any full-time regular or temporary full-time employee.

A bank of 24-hours of Faculty Personal Leave will be credited to all eligible Full-time or time limited full-time faculty at the start of each fiscal year (July 1). Unused Faculty Personal Leave is not paid out and does not accumulate or roll over or convert to Sick time.

The personal leave day request must be made via the College’s Time and Leave tracking system. The request must be submitted to the employee’s immediate supervisor for approval in advance of the date the leave is to be used. A verbal request will be considered if an employee is unable to make the request in advance; however, the approved verbal request must be submitted via the College’s Time and Leave tracking system to the supervisor for formal approval upon return to work.

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