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Personal Relationships at Work

Employees of Cape Fear Community College involved in personal relationships may not occupy a position in the same department as, work directly for, or directly or indirectly supervise the employee with whom they are involved.

Personal relationships between employees where one party has a real or perceived influence or authority over the other are inappropriate in the workplace and strictly prohibited. This authority includes, but is not limited to, influence over employment, salary adjustments, performance evaluations, or disciplinary actions.

Personal relationships include romantic, amorous, or sexual. For the purpose of this policy, personal relationships also include employees who cohabitate within the same household dwelling or are otherwise so closely identified with each other resulting in difficulties developing in their employment relationship.

Employees must self-report personal relationships and/or cohabitation to the Human Resources Department. Self-reporting by employees is mandatory in order to avoid potential difficulties in employment relationships and reduce the probability of existing or perceived conflicts. Human Resources will participate in managing or eliminating existing or perceived conflicts arising from disclosed personal relationships.

Employees engaging in personal relationships who fail to disclose the relationship to Human Resources are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

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