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Fiber Optic Cable Installer

Start a rewarding and high paying career as a fiber optic cable installer or technician!

The Fiber Optic Apprenticeship is a 1-year program registered with Apprenticeship NC through the Department of Labor. Students registered with Apprenticeship NC must secure full-time employment prior to the program starting. Upon completion of the program at the end of the year, once apprentices have earned their 2,000 on-the-job training hours (with their employer) and their 144 classroom hours (with CFCC), apprentices will receive Apprenticeship NC DOL journeyman card and certificate.

Students who take the course for personal knowledge will not be required to secure employment or register with Apprenticeship NC.

Interested in the Fiber Optic Apprenticeship program? Don’t have a job in the industry yet? Please reach out to eholt@cfcc.edu to learn more about how to register and get connected with employers for interviews.

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You’ll learn the basic skills and knowledge required of an entry-level installer/technician:

  • Fundamental principles of cabling for both copper and fiber optic systems
  • Standards and codes for telecommunications, transmission principles, installation, termination, testing, retrofitting, pathways and spaces, grounding, bonding and protection, fire stopping, and life safety and field coordination.
  • Splicing, bonding, and terminating techniques.
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