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Outboard Systems

Secure an in-demand career in the marine repair industry!

Cape Fear Community College, in partnership with Yamaha Marine, offers training in marine engine maintenance. Three, 96-hour courses are offered.

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Yamaha Certification

The Yamaha Intro to Outboard Systems course is the prerequisite required to pursue subsequent Yamaha engine modules. Registration in Yamaha Marine University is included in each course. Students receive a Yamaha certificate upon successful completion of each course.

Course Information

Intro to Outboard Systems

Subjects covered include Boating Basics, Materials-Common Parts and Tools, Electrical (AC & DC), Ignition Systems, Fuel Systems, Powerhead Fundamentals, Lubrication, Drive Unit, Propellers, Brackets, Corrosion and Rigging. This is a fundamental class designed to introduce the student to a basic platform from which they can further achieve advanced maintenance modules, while being qualified for entry level employment at a dealership.
Prerequisites: None

Midrange Marine Maintenance

This course is designed for students to become familiar and able to perform various service processes as prescribed by Yamaha at intervals of 20, 100, 500 and 1000 hours. The factory specified procedures defined by Yamaha, will be addressed by the service technician.
Prerequisites: Intro to Outboard Systems

Inline Marine Maintenance

Yamaha’s most popular engine group occupies an increasingly dominant position on the water. Service intervals of 20, 100, 500 and 1000 have very specific procedures required in order to keep the engine performing at its best. The student will become familiar with these procedures in order to be a productive technician in a Yamaha repair facility.
Prerequisites: Intro to Outboard Systems and Midrange Marine Maintenance

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