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Long-time esthetician pursues dream of becoming a therapist

Michelle Lewis
Since age 19, Michelle Lewis has treated her clients to the joys of eyelash extensions, facials, and other skin care services. While Lewis appreciated the self-care aspect of her career as an esthetician, she felt called in a different direction.

The pandemic’s effect on the beauty industry was the last straw. With her career temporarily on hold, Lewis considered this her cue to pursue becoming a therapist.

Returning to School as an Adult Learner

Although intimidated at the thought of returning to school after so many years, Lewis found Cape Fear Community College to be the perfect fit for her. As an adult learner and a married mom to four children, she needed the flexibility to help her balance student, family, and work life.

CFCC offered that. The extensive online courses allowed Lewis to begin her studies at home. And as CFCC’s campus reopened, she had the option to transition to in-person classes.

Along the way, Lewis met other non-traditional students on campus, which made her feel welcome and inspired her to get involved. She encourages others not to be afraid to take that next step.

“Adults who are thinking about going back to school may think that it’s too late. It’s never too late,” Lewis said. “Find your desire and get in touch with an advisor to find out how you can fulfill your dream. This has been the best experience for me.”

Up Next

In May, Lewis will graduate with an Associate of Applied Science in Human Services Technology – Substance Abuse Counseling.

Following graduation, she plans to transfer to a UNC System university through the transfer agreements available at Cape Fear to earn her bachelor’s degree and, eventually, a master’s degree.

“I have benefited from counseling and therapy for my struggles. So, I want to pay that forward,” Lewis shared. “I’ve spent years helping people with their outer beauty; now I want to help people see their inner beauty.”

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